Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chinese Zodiac Series (Part 2 - Chicken/Rooster)

Hi all. I am continuing on with the Chinese Zodiac Series. Next in line is the chicken. 
Comment below on your favourite pattern :).

Next to come is the dog. Stay tuned!

  1. Chicken Beanbags

    These are just too cute. It reminds me of mini samosas, but with a key specialty of chicken added on top :).
  2. Chicken Eggs Cozy

    They always say the mother hen keeps her eggs warm. Why not keep your eggs warm with this cute Chicken Eggs Cozy. It will make a great hiding place for hiding those eggs during Easter!
  3. Chubby Chicken

    Quick and simple for beginners, and cute to boot!
  4. Line Sally Chicken

    So cute and chubby :)

  5. Pirate Chicky

    This is unique. I thought Chickens only belonged on land!!

  6. Cute Cluster Stitch Crochet Chicken

    The cluster stitch gives this chicken it's unique design.
  7. Crochet Chicken Coaster

    Why not entertain your guests with a couple of these cute chicken coasters. They sure will be a conversation starter。
  8. Egg Cozy

    These are just too cute not too include in my post. There are also other cute egg cozy patterns on Krawka's blog - gotta catch them all!
  9. Chocobo Chicken

    This guy is from Final Fantasy. He's not just any ordinary chicken.
  10. Mini Chicken Applique

    You can use this as decoration for bigger scale projects such as sweaters, cozies, or even blankets!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chinese Zodiac Series (Part 1 - Monkey)

Hi all. Here are 10 cute monkey amigurumi patterns for your enjoyment :)

The pattern links are below.
I will be adding more animals from the Chinese Zodiac Series. There are 12 animals in total.
  1. Bitzy the Mini Monkey

  2. Shellatin Monkey

  3. Chimuchi Monkey

  4. A monkey for my Monkey

  5. Little Bigfoot Monkey

  6. Mini Monkey - Lucyravenscar

  7. Sock Monkey

  8. Monkey King

  9. Finger Monkey

  10. Jake the playful monkey

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sailormoon themed crochet doll & toy patterns

One of my all-time favourite animes is Sailormoon.
However, I find it difficult to find free Sailormoon Amigurumi Doll patterns, much less in one place.
So here goes. If you know of any other free patterns please drop me a comment and I can add it to the post.
  1. Serena - Sailor Moon

  2. Eternal Inner Sailorscout Transformation Wand